SMP Spring 2023 Info

Helloooo & welcome to 2023!!!

Spring sessions are upon us and I have a LOT of information to share… and in turn I need a lot of information back from you all. Before getting into all of it, I was to thank you for a wonderful Fall season. It was my busiest yet, but everyone was fabulous about scheduling, communicating, and this helped my work flow quicker – which I hope will extend into this upcoming spring season. So much is coming!

*this information is primarily for 2023 seniors who chose The MAX Experience for their year - if you are signed up for The EXTRA or BASIC experience instead, your spring info will be slightly different.

FIRST –  Spring sessions.  I will be scheduling these on Sundays, Tuesday-Thursday afternoons, and occasional Saturdays, Feb 7 – Apr 20.  Saturday dates are extremely, extremely limited due to proms and weddings.  (Mondays and Fridays are days I intentionally keep empty for sanity, but if those are the only days that work for you, we can definitely make it work.)

Speaking of PROM – I think I have everyone’s date written on the calendar, but please make sure I know when it is. April 15 is a BIG prom day – we have three happening that I am aware of. If your prom is that day, it is even more important that you make your plans early and let me know as soon as possible so I can make a schedule. Prom days are insanity but so worth it!

Family Minis – I have two dates set aside for these, March 26 and April 2.  These sessions will be held in Calhoun County, and will be scheduled in 20 minute blocks. 

And lastly… Cap. And. Gown. (I’m sorry. Please don’t cry.)  These sessions will begin on May 2, and will be held Tues-Thurs those first two weeks.  Location is planned to be in Alexandria.

 If you would like your session to be on the same day as another graduate, I am happy to work that out so you can get images with your friends as well. (more than two, we will just arrange a group style session with everyone coming at once.)

I have two *GROUP* sessions available for Alexandria students, these will be shot at the school – and will be on different days from the standard.

As a reminder, here is the payment schedule for the remainder of the year –

Prom - $100 due (includes senior AND their date – additional students may sign up also, $100 per couple)

Spring Session - $325 due at session

Family Mini - $175 due at session

Cap & Gown - $175 due at session (I will be opening my availability once I have my MAX seniors booked)